How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

“Read the instructions carefully,” – Did you ever noticed this instruction leaflet/ note when you had your new HVAC system installed via NJ air conditioning services?

Most people tend to skip reading the instructions and, therefore, do not change their air filters for many months at a time – this is where problems come up!

If you notice an increase in the energy bills, frequent malfunctions, or HVAC related errors, you need to get in touch with air conditioning repair services in NJ at once. Any professional air conditioning services in Delaware or NJ will help you inspect the issue and figure out whether it is due to air filters. To avoid such a scenario, you need to know when to change the air filters in your HVAC system.

The timeframe to change the air filter depends mostly on the type of air filter fitted in your HVAC or AC unit. There are certain external factors that you need to consider, as well. The manufacturers mention air filter guidelines in the instruction leaflet you get with your unit. So, ensure to read it.

Here are some types of air filters and information about when to change them:

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter

Fiberglass Air Filters:

They are mostly disposable and less expensive filters that can be replaced each month.

Pleated Air Filters:

High-end pleated filters mostly have a shelf life of 6 months. However, guidelines do not consider the size and type of screen, but banks on the usage of filters. So, it is best to change pleated filters every 90 days with the help of an expert AC repair service in Voorhees and Delaware, NJ.

Washable Air Filters:

These air filters are costlier than disposable ones. As per manufacturer’s guidelines, clean them after 30 days. Although, consider conditions like dust, moisture, indoor/outdoor pollution level for periodic cleaning of these air filters.

We would recommend you get a maintenance contract with qualified air conditioning services in Delaware and NJ like us.

HEPA Air Filters:

It is the best air filter rated by the US Department of Energy. Those who are prone to allergies and respiratory difficulties must get these types of air filters installed in their HVAC and AC units for effective screening of contaminants up to 99.97%.

But these air filters must be cleaned thoroughly and carefully. You can hire professional services in Jersey City, air conditioning repair exclusively, to avoid any spread of contaminants during the cleaning process.

External Factors to Consider for An Early Change

  • Allergies and Asthma: Those suffering from such conditions should consider changing their air filters every 45 days.
  • Pet owners: Pets add to indoor odor, and they usually shed a lot during the seasonal change. So, consider changing the air filter every 60 days to avoid issues with your air filters.
  • Children/Toddlers: They get affected quickly due to clogged and dirty air filters as the buildup pollutants in AC/HVAC ducts decreases the indoor air quality. If you have children at home, consider changing your air filters every two to three months.

How we can help?

With more than 17 years of experience in residential and commercial NJ air conditioning repair, we are equipped to handle all kinds of air filter cleaning/replacement requirements and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have a team of certified trained technicians for AC repairs in Voorhees, Delaware, and NJ.

To learn more about our affordable, reliable, and effective AC maintenance plans, give us a call at 856-401-7737.

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