There’s A Red Tag On Your Furnace. Now What?

There is a red tag on your furnace and you must be wondering what it means.  

Every year, many people get injured or killed due to leakage of carbon monoxide gas from furnaces and its attachments such as cracked heat exchangers, blocked flue vents, patchwork duct systems, etc. The chances of injuries reduce by alert actions taken by HVAC well-trained technicians by diagnosing dangerous conditions and taking corrective measures, either by repair or replacement or by shutting down the equipment.

Shutting down a furnace is called “red-tagging”.  It states that the furnace has been shut down and is dangerous to operate unless repaired or replaced. The tag can be signed by the HVAC technician and the homeowner or building occupant/owner.

Why you should red tag your furnace?

If your furnace is red-tagged, it means that your furnace is unsafe to use and you need to either repair or replace it immediately. A repair is an option in some cases but in serious cases, you need to replace the entire furnace immediately.

Here are some common reasons why it’s necessary to red tag a furnace:

Carbon Monoxide – The most common reason to red tag your furnace is a crack in the heat exchanger. It’s a component that forces the flue gas out of the chimney or sidewall. The heat exchanger gets hot and the air blowing across it will warm up and flows into your home. If your furnace or heat exchanger gets cracks, there is a potential for carbon monoxide to enter the home, leading to the death of people living in the home.

Fire Hazards – Another reason to red tag your furnace would be due to problems with the burner tubes or gas valve. This is an unsafe condition relating to the flame on the furnace, which could pose a fire hazard.

Gas Leaks – The gas company could red-tag a unit if there is a leak in the gas pipe. In this case, they would turn off the gas to the home and require that a licensed plumber or HVAC professionals, such as Instant-Air experts can fix the gas leak.

Red Tag Furnace

Types of Red Tags 

Red-tags in a furnace can be of two types, each with different severity.

Red Tag Type A 

This is the most serious type. It means you and your family are in danger right now. Generally, this means that a carbon monoxide leak has been detected. If this is a case, shut off the gas to your furnace and immediately contact Instant-Air HVAC professionals.

Red Tag Type B 

This is a warning tag. The gas to your furnace is not shut off immediately, however, you need to get your furnace fixed from HVAC professionals within the stated time period or else your gas will be shut off.

Who Runs the Red Tag Program? 

A red tag is issued when any furnace or any other gas equipment is violating the code i.e., Ontario Gas Installation Code B149. This program is managed by the TSSA – Technical Standards Safety Authority.

How to Prevent Red Tagging? 

The best way to prevent red-tagging is to keep your furnace well maintained. For this, you can contact Instant-Air professionals. We provide the best HVAC maintenance services in NJ. If you want to prolong the life of your furnace, it is in your best interest to begin a maintenance plan as soon as possible. This way you can make sure that your HVAC system keeps running year after year without any hitches. For more information, get in touch with us now!

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