What Can Cause Your Air Conditioner To Freeze Up?

Freezing up of air conditioners is a common issue that most homeowners tend to overlook, leading to AC breakdown. Whether you have an HVAC system or an individual unit, the AC can freeze up if the temperature settings are not set to optimum. This usually happens during colder summer nights. However, other factors can lead to freezing up of your AC unit. Here are the top four causes:

1. Dirty and Blocked Air Filters

Air conditioners require consistent airflow to function smoothly. Dirty and blocked filters can cause the evaporator coils and the outdoor condensing unit to freeze up. You should clean your air filters every two weeks to avoid such a situation. You can consult with your air conditioning repair professional in Voorhees and Blackwood about changing them.

Note: If you are using fiberglass air filters, consider changing it once a month. The higher-quality pleated air filters can be replaced after 6 months. Ask your local AC repair company in Voorhees and Blackwood to assist you!

2. Mechanical Issues or Freon Leaks

Air conditioners have a lot of moving parts; anything can get stuck, broken, leaked, or clogged. All of these mechanical issues can cause a drop in pressure resulting in the refrigerant to expand excessively and freeze. Also, leaks and low levels of Freon can lead to the freezing of the evaporator coils.

If you hear any noise coming from the ac unit, get in touch with a trained air conditioning repair professional from Delaware or New Jersey City. They can help prevent further issues.


3. Broken and Malfunctioning Blower Fan

The role of the blower fan is to pull the cold air inside and release the hot air outside. However, if the blower fan gets damaged or malfunctions, it can cause a build-up of excess moisture on the evaporator coils preventing the water from evaporating. It can also cause the refrigerant pipes in your AC system to freeze. If you notice the blower fan not working properly, contact AC repair professionals from Voorhees, or Blackwood immediately.

4. Blocked Condenser Lines

If your AC unit is frozen and you have no idea why – inspect the condenser lines! Any blockage in the condenser line can trap excess water that can freeze-up and restrict the airflow. If you find the evaporator unit frozen, call the professional air conditioning repair company in New Jersey city for emergency services.

Why Do You Need an Expert Air Conditioning Repair Company in New Jersey City/Delaware?

Nowadays, nights are 10 degrees cooler than days in New Jersey city and Delaware. If you do not set your thermostat accordingly, your AC unit can freeze up. Maintain your AC unit and increase its efficiency with the best suitable annual maintenance plans that include routine check-ups.

These maintenance plans can help fix the pinhole leaks, inspect Freon levels on time, and protect the AC unit from breaking down. It is wise to hire a licensed New Jersey City air conditioning repair company for comprehensive servicing twice-a-year. You can also choose a bi-annual inspection and maintenance plan.

How can we help?

Instant Air is one of the leading companies in New Jersey City for air conditioning repairs. We have more than 17 years of experience in residential and commercial AC repair and maintenance services. Our licensed and trained staff is equipped to resolve AC freezing issues and we ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. No matter where you are in New Jersey, we provide prompt services by assembling a team of best service professionals for you within 48 hours.

Call us at 856-401-7737 to know more about our affordable, comprehensive AC repair and maintenance plans.

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