6 Signs You Must Get Your Electrical System Checked

The electrical wiring of your house is hidden for a reason; it is dangerous and looks unkempt. However, the look is not a significant factor but the dangers open-wiring can pose are life-threatening.

Approximately 51,000 homes report fire involving electrical distribution each year in the USA. These fires result in 500 deaths a year.

As a result, the Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends regular electrical inspection in homes.

Signs You Should Schedule An Electrical Inspection

The electrical system of your house consists of various components, including wires, switches, and fuses, and all of them have a limited life span. If it’s been a while since you have checked your home’s electrical system and you’re worried about faulty wiring, here are six signs that you might notice.

#1. Tripping Breakers and Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers are safety mechanisms, installed in the wiring system of all houses. The fuse blows or trips whenever the load gets too high.  This prevents overload and reduces the risk of any damage or even a fire. Occasional tripping is usual but if your circuit breakers trip frequently, there might be a fault in your electrical appliance or wiring system and it’s time to schedule an electrical inspection.

In general, certain appliances can cause frequent tripping of fuses and breakers. For example, in some cases, air conditioners promote the triggering of electrical safety mechanisms, and if such things happen, seek services from Instant-Air professionals.

#2. Problems with the Lighting/ Flickering lights

The flickering light is more likely to be caused by other appliances attached to the same circuit.

If your lights act oddly when you switch on your AC, you might need the help of an electrical professional. If you switch on an appliance and your lights go mad, the wiring of your house is most certainly faulty.

Although heavy appliances like heaters and water pumps, when turned on, can cause a momentary loss of light. if it happens continuously call an electrician to test the circuit and appliance. The electrical professionals can help ensure that the heavy-duty appliances have the right power supply and protection. Moreover, if the electrical appliances in your house make odd noises when turned on, the chances are that the electrical system of your home is on the verge of breaking down.

#3. Light Switch Buzz

Light switches generally don’t make any noises and are usually free of charred marks around them. The wires in an electrical system are connected to the ends of terminals at the light switches. Therefore, if the connecting wires are faulty, light switches may produce an electrical buzz or humming noise.  If you notice such signs, quickly schedule an electrical checkup with Instant-Air.

Get Your Electrical System Checked

#4. Burn Odors

The smell of something burning is scary but if it is not coming from the kitchen, it is even scarier.

When you use a new appliance, you may sense a little smell as light oil or duct is burned off. This should not take long, and if it continues, there may be a fault. Moreover, if the wiring of your house is loose, air will come in contact with electricity and produce sparks. These sparks are intense and burn the plastic around them, which results in a burning smell. The burning smell is strong and easily detectable.

If you smell rubber or plastic burning but cannot identify the source, give a call to your electrician right away. In the meantime, switch off the power supply of your house as a safety measure. Doing that is important because if you don’t do so, you’ll have to call a fire brigade as well.

#5. Electrical Shocks

With modern electrical systems, the chance of electrical shocks is almost impossible. However, if the electrical system of your house is faulty, you might feel some jerks and mild shocks here and there. In most cases, electrical shocks are the result of faulty outlets or switches, get them fixed immediately. Still, if you are receiving shocks from multiple switches, the chances are that the problem is more significant than a defective switch, which in most cases, is because of faulty wiring.

#6. Hot switches or sockets

Hot switches or outlets are a matter of concern. Keep monitoring any warm spots whenever the temperature rises. A steady warm socket is probably ok, however, if it gets hot, you need to call a technician.

If your outlet gets warm even if there is no electrical device attached, you may have a wiring problem. Don’t use it and have it checked by a technician.

Why You Must Have An Electrical Inspection? 

The electric system of your house, like any other electronic appliance, wears down with age and becomes faulty over time. The faulty electrical appliances and wires can cause life-threatening hazards. Moreover, the faulty wiring decreases the electrical efficiency of all the electrical appliances in your house, which can result in increased power bills.

The identification of a faulty electrical system is easy, and you can do so with the help of the signs and indications mentioned above. If you notice one or more such signs, get in touch with a reputed electrician right away.

Looking for an electrical technician? Trust Instant Air professionals to get the job done right. Our licensed and experienced electricians are fully equipped to take on your electrical job no better how big or small. We know how urgent certain situations can be, so we are sure to respond, assess and implement our services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our South Jersey customers matter to us!

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