How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Have you ever wondered how the air conditioners work?

Well, it is similar to how a refrigerator works. The only difference is that the refrigerator cools down a small insulated space, and air conditioners cool down your home or office space to beat the heat.

An AC has three components – a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor. With an AC, you can,

  • Control the temperature
  • Manage humidity levels
  • Improve the air quality
  • Control the air circulation/ventilation

But before investing in an AC unit, you need to know how it works.

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Air conditioning is a continuous process of turning a refrigerant in the cycle of liquid and vapor.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

STEP 1. The refrigerant reaches the compressor. It is a low-pressure vapor. It gets compressed and turns into a high-pressure hot air vapor.

STEP 2. The hot air vapor reaches the condenser, where a fan pushes the hot air outside and cools the refrigerant back to liquid.

STEP 3. The liquid reaches the evaporator unit, wherein the heat from the evaporator turns it into vapor again. The fan pushes this vapor as cold air into the room or indoor space.

STEP 4. Lastly, the refrigerant turns into a low-pressure gas and reaches the compressor again, where the whole process starts again.

This cycle continues between the compressor, condenser, and evaporator units until it reaches the set cooling temperature as programmed by the thermostat.

How Do Air Conditioners Work

Types of Air Conditioners

Window AC

They are best for cooling a single room, a small apartment, or a small office space. It is a compact unit installed on an open window space.

Split AC

They are best for apartments or office space similar to window AC but at a higher capacity. Copper tubes called a refrigerant line set to connect the indoor unit and outdoor condenser.

Central AC

It is one of the most common cooling solutions for homes and office spaces. The entire process is the same as any AC, but it needs ducts and vents to circulate air, maintaining a uniform cooling between the components for cooling the complete building.

You must hire professionals to install such a unit. You can hire air conditioning services in Cherry Hill, NJ, to install ducts and vents for the adequate functioning of Central AC.

HVAC system

It has components both inside and outside the home/ office space, along with a heating element. It needs similar ductwork like Central AC and contains an air conditioner designed to cool refrigerant outside the house. It has a furnace with a fan/coil inside the house for blowing hot air. It carries cold/hot air throughout the ductwork on the premises as per the summer/winter needs.

It is energy-efficient and offers additional features like air purifying and (de)humidifying.

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