When Should You Put More Refrigerant in the AC?

Freon is a cooling agent that is also known as a refrigerant. It is an essential component of air conditioners. It does not get consumed like any other fuel and gas but circulates in ACs, eventually degrading over time.

By hiring routine air conditioning maintenance services in New Jersey, you can keep a check, allowing your AC to run efficiently.

Over the years, problems of tiny pinhole leakages, formicary corrosions along the copper lines, and weakening of the metal fins may occur. It is wise to have an air conditioning maintenance company in NJ to detect and fix these problems for you. Make sure to repair the refrigerant leak within 30 days, otherwise, it can damage the compressor. Moreover, if you continue to overlook the signs of refrigerant requirements, it can damage your air conditioners permanently.

When to Put More Refrigerant in the AC?

Here are 5 signs that you should look out for: 
#1. AC running non-stop, but not cooling your home

It is the refrigerant in the copper coils that absorbs the indoor heat and transitions from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid. A fan blows the hot air outside and cools the refrigerant down to a low-pressure gas. Then another fan located in the indoor unit blows over the cold coils with refrigerant and cools down your home. If refrigerant levels are low, the entire function will not happen appropriately.

#2. Sudden rise in energy consumption

When your AC runs non-stop, it is consuming a lot of energy. Due to leaks, in the copper coils and line sets, the transfer of the refrigerant gets impacted and the efficiency of the AC unit decreases. The low level of refrigerant never allows it to reach the set temperatures. So if you suddenly notice high energy bills, there might be an issue with your AC unit that needs to be checked.

When Should You Put More Refrigerant In The AC

#3. The AC starts to blow warm air

Warm or lukewarm air blowing through the vents can occur due to many reasons. It could be dirt, debris, or some blockage but a low level of refrigerant is one of the significant reasons.

Due to low levels of refrigerant, your air conditioner fails to absorb indoor heat and continues to circulate warm air. Without an adequate quantity of refrigerant, it freezes, turning into a chunk of ice and blocks the air circulation further.

#4. Ice formation on refrigerant lines

When you notice the above signs and suspect low refrigerant levels, go out and check the outdoor unit. If you see ice buildup on the refrigerant line, it is a clear indication, you need to put more refrigerant in your AC.

The ice can get accumulated not only on the copper lines but on the evaporator unit too. If you have an HVAC system, you can see a water puddle near your furnace. That is a sign of low refrigerant level in your HVAC system.

#5. Hissing or bubbling noise

Mostly, when refrigerants leak, it does not make any sound. The tiny pinhole leaks are hard to detect and require professional air conditioning repair technicians in NJ to fix. However, with large leaks, the AC makes a hissing or bubbling noise when it runs. It is a priority indication of fixing the refrigerant leak.

NOTE: You should not add more refrigerant in the AC when it is leaking.

Immediately contact a trained technician from a reputed air conditioning maintenance company in New Jersey. Here is what they will do:

  1. Remove all the refrigerant from the system.
  2. Find and fix the leak.
  3. Check the leak proofing.
  4. Then, refill your AC with the right charge of refrigerant.

Why do you need to pick a qualified commercial refrigeration repair service company in NJ?

Whether it is a commercial AC unit or an HVAC system, both are a valuable piece of equipment. You cannot risk its service in the hands of a sub-stand air conditioning repair company in NJ.

You need a qualified commercial AC and refrigeration repair company in NJ to ensure efficient and timely service. A qualified AC professional can extend the life of your AC with their service excellence. A reputed commercial AC and refrigeration repair company in NJ offers 24X7 services that support you in emergencies and odd-hour breakdowns. They have licensed, trained technicians who are friendly, skilled, and courteous.

Why choose us?

We are one of the reputed residential and commercial refrigeration repair companies in NJ. For more than 17 years in NJ, Instant Air has been performing quality air conditioning repairs.  We have licensed and trained staff to check the Freon levels, test the AC systems, and visually inspect Freon leaks with our leak detectors.

We are reliable, affordable, and qualified for all your air conditioning maintenance requirements in NJ. We also have comprehensive AC maintenance plans. Give us a call at 856-401-7737 to learn more.

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